Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken in the state of New Jersey, December 12, 1915.

Grew up in a tough and humble: mother Dolly, originally from Liguria (rate in the municipality of Lumarzo), is the midwife and his father Martin, amateur boxer originally from Sicily (Palermo), is firefighter.From boy Frank is forced by economic needs to do the most menial jobs. Growing up on the street and not at school, before doing the longshoreman and then the painter and newsboy. At sixteen, he has his own band, the Turk.Frank Sinatra goes down in history as ‘The Voice’, for his unique vocal charisma.During his career he affects more than two thousand two hundred songs for a total of 166 albums, also devoted himself, with luck, to the big screen.Aspects of his private life are found precisely in its many successful films.Famous Latin lover, married four times: the first twenty-four years, Nancy Barbato, 1939 to 1950, with whom he has three children: Nancy, Frank Jr. and Christina who, at the time of separation, respectively eleven, seven and three years.

Then, from 1951 to 1957, Sinatra had an intense love affair with Ava Gardner, who fills the gossip columns of newspapers of the time to the sound of confetti criticized (for she leaves the family), of beatings and quarrels.For only two years, from 1966 to 1968, he marries the actress Mia Farrow and from 1976 until his death remains alongside his last wife, Barbara Marx.But printing continues, even in recent years, to attribute flirt: Lana Turner Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg Angie Dickinson.

Always close to the causes for human rights, in the early 50s is in favor of blacks, next to his inseparable friend Sammy Davies Jr.Until the last is not exempt from performing noble deeds of charity in favor of children and disadvantaged classes.Video: Frank Sinatra in Jamestown.

The Frank Sinatra star knows no shadows.Only between 1947 and the early 50s, through a brief career crisis due to an illness that affects the vocal cords; time to fogging is successfully passed through the films of Fred Zinnemann’s “From Here to Eternity”, which wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.Among the many accusations made most famous interpreter of the century, as it is considered by many, that of Mafia ties. Especially with the gangster Sam Giancana, owner of a casino in Las Vegas. Ben safer, the names of his closest friends: Dean Martin Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford.

The song that is perhaps the most famous in the world is the “My Way”, shot by many artists, and revisited in many versions.Among the latest gifts that America pays for this great showman, there is a special present for his eightieth birthday, in 1996, for his blue eyes, the Empire State Building for a night lights of blue between cups champagne and the inevitable celebration, where The Voice is used.

The tribute was repeated on the occasion of his death on 14 May 1998.